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BAOLA is delicious

Fairtrade tastes good – and is good for you! BAOLA is our refreshing drink with the valuable extracts of the African baobab fruit. How does it taste? Refreshing, sparkling, fruity and tart, slightly sweet but also sour, just like the baobab fruit. You do not know the Baobab? Then it?s about time!

Here you can buy the BAOLA sparkling drinks!

BAOLA revives

Finally, a new taste and a new drink on the market, produced with very little sugar and the best ingredients we could find. Simply perfect to quenches your thirst! In Africa, the fruit of the baobab tree has been around for millennia and is commonly known as a valuable source of vitamin C, calcium and iron. Baobab also acts probiotic, antioxidant and boosts the immune system!

BAOLA is fair

All the ingredients of BAOLA are obtained from fair trade sources. All participants earn enough to feed their families and to send their children to school. It also ensures that no children get exploited.

BAOLA is organically produced

BAOLA is also fair to nature. Therefore, they must carry the organic label. All ingredients are certified as organic. This means: no genetic engineering, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers and no ionizing radiation. We want to protect soil, water and air, and promote soil fertility.

BAOLA does even more!

BAOLA is our means to an end. Financed with the profits from BAOLA and our various other products, we support initiatives in countries with development needs and provide education about fair trade.

  • BAOLA is organic
  • BAOLA is fair
  • BAOLA is vegan
  • BAOLA is gluten-free
  • BAOLA is free of artificial flavours, preservatives and colours

Origination process

Idea behind

Right from the beginning the idea was to generate revenues with the help of a good and innovative product, which can then be used for the promotion of fair trade. During the research for such a product we came across the mighty baobab tree in Africa, at which we allready paid much attention to in the years before.
With every sip BAOLA you can change the world to grow more fair. And this happens without a detour through subcompanies, who unnecessarily cut the profits of the original producers. No: The mother of these products is the company Baobab social business itself, which was founded as a nonprofit Ltd.

Baobab fruit

The baobab fruit is organically grown and comes without unnecessary detours and surcharges to Germany. The drinks all what!
Inside the fruit there is the precious fruit pulp, which we use to manufacture our BAOLA.
In his native african home the baobab tree is one of the few plants that thrive in areas with poor and mostly infertile soils.

Other ingredients

In the long period of the development of our BAOLAs we have conducted several experiments with many, many ingredients. So we already mixed the wildest mixtures of baobab pulp and other ingredients. Many of them were certainly very exciting, but we always came to the point that we do not want to distort the unique taste of the Baobab too much. Therefore, we added up at most one additional fruit to the Baobab. We are also the opion that it?s simply more honest. The mangoes, cherries and sugar cane are, naturally, also fair trade and are grown organically. Ingredients, which were produced out of pittance jobs do not come into our bottles ? we want that it tastes for all involved people.


Accourding to our own recipe BAOLA is filtered by a special process developed by us and bottled.

Baola is:

  • Without artificial flavours
  • No artificial extracts
  • Without artificial colourings
  • No additional preservatives
  • Without fining agents
  • Without stabilizers

Of course we are not using artificial colours or preservatives. Unlike many other juices or softdrinks, we also do not use any so-called ?fining agent? that make the drink fine and settle suspended during production in order to filter them. These fining agents are often based on animal products such as bladder from fish or gelatin from pork.
These substances must be even not be declared on the label of the respective food. This is something, which is in our opinion far from fair. Instead of these artificial additives we use a special filter method ? a bit more complicated, but worth the effort, because it?s the most honest way. Due to this filter technique the BAOLA is also a vegan drink and in addition to that also gluten free.
Also stabilizers to hold the pulp in the balance is not used in our production.
For us, sustainability is one of our major goals and these goals are implemented in all areas of the production and daily business processes: For our packaging we decided for a returnable deposit of glass. The main reason here was, that glass, however, is neutral and can be after a long life as a deposit bottle again be recycled well and completely. There is no other alternative for us: We do not believe softeners and chemicals released in plastic bottles, which affects the taste of BAOLA , the health of our constumers and our environment is of high value for us.

The Flavours

Baobab & Guarana

We mixed the nutritious Baobab fruit with the reviving guarana power to get this unique Energy-Relloader with only little sugar.

Baobab & Mango

In addition to the high-quality fruit pulp of the baobab tree, we fill the best fair trade and organic mango pulp we could find into each bottle. In combination, these two fruits create a delicious and exotic new flavour.

Baobab & Cherry

We conducted many trials with various domestic ingredients in the long development phase, but however, during this phase we experienced that the cherry is the domestic fruit, which fits the most to the unique taste of the baobab. For our BAOLA we chose a mixture of sweet and sour cherries to create a delicious sweet-sour balance.

Baobab Pure

Of course we had to create a BAOLA variety with only the pure Baobab taste and without any additional fruit other than the fruitpulp of the mighty tree ? otherwise you would not get to know how good the Baobab can taste on its own. It?s always interesting when we ask people what kind of taste Baobab has or what is it similar to ? nobody can say it for sure. Baobab has simply a unique and incomparable flavour!


  • Water
  • Cane sugar
  • Baobab fruit pulp
  • Mango puree (in BAOLA baobab & Mango)
  • Cherry juice (in BAOLA Baobab & Cherry)

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