We conduct business in a sustainable and humane way.
Our business yields products generating livelihoods, jobs and business opportunities – and fostering fair trade.


We do support forms of business benefiting the societies of countries requiring development. This support strengthens local social and business infrastructure, helps local initiatives, and fosters fair trade in these countries and around the world. Our thrust is creating jobs in those places revealed by joint development activities to have pressing needs for such.

Our overall objective is offering people ways of earning a living and of thus getting out of poverty. These livelihoods enable them to become entrepreneurs. Our activities are thus based upon the principle of helping people to help themselves.

"Once you take the profit-making glasses off, and out the social business glasses on, all your thinking changes." - Muhammad Yunus

Our activities

  • Customer outreach. We stage and participate in cultural and other events promoting fair trade. These events are held in schools and on corporate and public premises.
  • Business and technical support helping fair trade producers get the requisite certificates and NGOs get on their feet in developing countries.
  • Support for education setting up training programs in countries requiring developing.
  • Networking fostering sales of fair trade products in Germany.

Means to an end

We cover our overhead by selling innovative, fair-traded, self-developed, proprietarily-manufactured products and by undertaking other business activities.
Purchasers can be sure that our products have been made from raw materials that have been checked and certified by fair trade organizations, and that these products have been transported and traded in a transparent way.
All of our products thus give their users – and the world as a whole – a powerful message: fair trade produces better products and lives.

The BAOLA Team


The founders of Baobab Social Business gGmbH are Halima and Andreas Triebel. They live in Munich and have five children.
Andreas founded “Baobab Family e.V.” in 2001. The goal of this non-profit organization was – and is – helping Kenyan homeless kids – many of them orphans – learn how to help themselves. This activity has by now been joined by helping stopping the spread of AIDS, and by supporting the disease’s victims.
Their more than 10 years of development work have provided Halima and Andreas with a deep understanding of and proficiencies in this complex activity. They employ this expertise in the running of the company.
In 1994, Andreas Triebel took his first trip to Kenya. He lived there for two years. Andreas is the founder and chairman of the board of Baobab Family e.V. He is also the director of the associated Kenyan NGO (non-governmental organization).