With your „grasp in the shelf“ you can change the world every day.
Let it be a fair change.


Fairtrade is no benefaction! But a matter of course. People in countries with need of development need no charity, but appreciation of their work. When someone has a fulltime-job and does not afford to have enough food on the tabel – then it is exploitation. Period!


The social injustice of our world makes you sick? Then do something at last! For doing so you don’t have to be a hippie, a freak or to be rich. It is so easy and you have the power.


Just stop to cause misery with your decission of consumption. Every day you have the choice at the shelve: You have the decission if cheap or fair, if unjust or righteous.

The Dark Side Of Chocolate

Ever since it was revealed that the chocolate industry is involved with child slavery in the Ivory Coast, the industry has been busy – due to consumer demands – explaining what exactly it does to actively fight trafficking and child labour. But does the industry live up to its own promises? In this investigative film, director Miki Mistrati tries to find out, if the chocolate industry – which is one of the largest corporations in the world – speak the truth, when they say that they provide education, medical care etc for the children of the Ivory Coast. But the project runs into trouble already from the get-go, because the embassy of the Ivory Coast won’t let Miki enter the country until he has an invitation – from the chocolate industry.