wow!bab - Organic cereal bar with baobab

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Wow!babs are:

  • free of gluten
  • free of artificial flavours
  • without palm oil
  • without preservatives
  • Made of real fruits
  • 100% vegan

The most nutritional substances
in wow!bab bars

+ Baobab

As the Baobab tree dominates the landscape in Africa, nearly everyone has seen or heard it mentioned in the media. From the tree?s roots to its fruit, all of its parts are used locally in ingredients for different foods. The fruit is a great source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium (twice as much as in milk). The dried fruit is the base for a nutritious drink which children and infants in Senegal drink as milk replacement.

+ Amaranth

The main food of the Incas and Aztecs, it is one of the oldest and most valuable crops in the world. Since its rediscovery as an excellent source of protein, the slightly nutty-tasting Amaranth has become available throughout Europe, especially in health food and organic food stores. Compared to domestic cereal grains, this fruit has both a higher protein content and better nutritional value. Amaranth is also characterised by its high levels of minerals, particularly iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Amaranth is grown mainly in the Andes and Mexico in small regional farms.

+ Quinoa

Quinoa and Amaranth belong to the pseudocereals from South America that have been discovered in recent years. Surprisingly Quinoa has many minerals, particularly iron and magnesium in levels higher than real grain. This high level of iron gives it a strong and savoury taste. For the last 6000 years, Quinoa has been the most important staple food in the Andes and is grown by small land farmers in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

More intrinsic values

Your new nutritious snack alternative
There is more to it than you think !

Your hunger can now be satisfied by this deliciously light snack without having to feel guilty. wow!bab the first organic cereal bar with Baobab manages this with high-quality native ingredients. wow!bab contains nutritious elements with minimal amounts of sugar and fat and an awesome new experience for your taste buds!

The alternative to a real meal for any traveller, athlete or simply for people on the go who don?t want to consume empty calories - people who also pay attention to sustainability and the environment. A bar with WOW! factor ? that lasts long after your first bite.

More intrinsic values:
Responsibility & Sustainability

Enjoying a wow!bab is not only great for your body (no palm fat, no added preservatives or flavours), it is also beneficial for African societies and the environment. For local economies in West and Central Africa, their Baobab yield is a very important factor, and the harvesting and processing of Baobab fruit play a vital role in the economic development of villages and helps curb the growing desertification in the area. The cultivation of Amaranth and Quinoa in South America is strongly supported by the highly respected German organisation GEPA (which stands for ?Society for the Promotion of Partnerships with the Third World?). Consumption of these grains contributes to agricultural development in the countries of origin and is a useful and environmentally friendly alternative to palm plantations which deliver palm oil.

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